• 02Sep

    I still get the hand numbness and tingling sensation on my hands, especially on my right hand every morning when I wake up. I notice that the more I use the hand to carry heavy things, the more severe the hand numbness and tingling sensation will get the next morning.

    I try not to carry heavy things but sometimes I cannot help it. Carrying heaving things as well as sleeping on my side will aggravate the hand numbness that I experience every morning. The numbness could be a spin off from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that attacked me two months after I gave birth to Alycia.

    I have tried several products that are supposedly good for the hand numbness but none of them worked. Perhaps I should try magnetic therapy bracelet as recommended by my friend.

    Pretty and therapeutic.  I wonder if this magnetic therapy bracelet can treat my hand numbness. Should I give it a try?




  • 29Nov

    I think it does work!  It has been a week since I started taking Gingko Biloba, in the hope of getting better blood flow in my body.

    The outcome? Less severe hand numbness and tingling in the morning.  Though I can still feel the tingling sensation in my hand, it is however not completely numb with pins and needles like it used to be.   I also do not get that partial blackout when I get up from a squatting position.

    I shall continue to pop the Gingko supplement everyday and I hope to get a totally numb-free hands soon.



  • 23Nov

    It all started with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 9.5 years ago. I got this dreadful hand and finger pain called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome CTS) about 2 months after Alycia was born. It was so painful that I could not hold a cup or to open the door. Driving to and from work was a challenge. Carrying a baby was even more a challenge. I could not sleep at night as the pain was unbearable. Several months later, after taking some antibiotics prescribed to me by a cardiologist for a prolonged cough, the CTS pain seemed to have subsided! The antibiotics sort of treated the CTS simultaneously. However, the remnants of CTS are still bugging me everyday. The pain and tingling sensation on my hands, especially on my right hand would creep up at around 4am every morning. The pain and numbness are more severe if I sleep on my sides and even worse if the air-conditioned room is very cold.

    Today, I bought a bottle of Gingko Biloba supplement. I have read that Gingko is a well-known herbal supplement taken by many people around the world each day to improve their concentration, intellect, and memory. Gingko Biloba works by increasing blood flow in the body. I reckon that the numbness of my hands is also contributed by poor blood flow in my body. Apart from hand numbness, I suffer from partial black-out each time I get up from a squatting position.

    The bottle contains 30 Gingko pills. I shall see if the Gingko supplement can relieve my hand numbness after a month. I can’t wait to see the result!





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