• 05Jan

    Cass and I have been wearing Teviron since Christmas Eve 2013.  According to the couple who helped us to order the Teviron clothing, which are all made in Japan, the person with a disorder has to don on the Teviron clothing for almost 24 hours everyday. Every single day.  The more Teviron that has contact with our body, the faster the healing process will take place.

    As it was my first time buying Teviron clothing which is VERY COSTLY, I only bought a body wrap, a pair of socks and a long sleeves top for Cass. I also bought her a hat but the hat material is too thick for our weather and I have given it to my mum who suffers from persistent migraine. For myself, I bought a pair of wrist band,  with hope of countering the tingling sensation and numbness on my hands.

    During the day, Cass will wear the body wrap.  At night, she will don on the long sleeves top with the socks.  She is not wearing the Teviron 24 hours though, as I have not bought enough for her to have a change when I have washed the dirty ones.

    I know these are not miracle clothing. Only time will tell. But I will continue to let Cass wear these Teviron clothing.   I am planning to buy a few more items for her so that she can even wear them to kindy and when we go out.  A singlet will serve this purpose.

    The first picture on the left is my Teviron wrist band, which cost RM140 a pair.

    The second picture is the Teviron long sleeves top, which cost RM430 and the body wrap is RM220.

    Teviron clothing needs special care. They can only be washed with special Teviron detergent, which is also very costly. Teviron clothing cannot be hung or placed on metal surfaces.


    Teviron1 teviron2

    Does anyone have any comments to make about Teviron negative ion clothing?  Would love to hear your experiences with Teviron 🙂



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