• 17Oct

    I cannot pinpoint what I did exactly that caused the terrible ache that stretches from my right back to my right waist.  The pain is more pronounced when I sleep. I cannot lie on my back nor sleep on my right. That would cause me breathlessness from the severe pain!   Gawd, history has indeed been repeated. I have had similar bad episodes of bad pain in the past which caused me to be in tears.  Imagine the pain is even more severe than childbirth via C-Section.  I did not shed a single tear in my 3 C-sections though I must admit that the spinal epidural was one of the most painful experiences I have had.  But the past backaches that attacked me had caused me to be in tears.  Anyone would be in tears when the pain is so piercing that you cannot even have a good 30-minute shut eye at night.

    This time, though the pain is not as bad as the previous episodes, it is bad enough to cause me sleepless nights. For someone who is so dead beat tired that the word insomnia is not in her vocab anymore, I have been having sleepless nights caused by the back and waist ache.  The only position that  can get me a few hours of light sleep is  on my left side. A turn to my back or right side would cause the pain to pierce through my entire body.

    For the past 2 days, I have been doing back bends on my fitball once again.  My fitball has been hiding at the darkest corner of my living room for over a year!  I miss my fitball. I have not been exercising on it for more than a year. And I have been getting massages from my OTO massage chair for the past 2 days. These manage to relief the pain during the day. When night falls, the pain would creep out again the moment I hit the bed!  NIGHTMARE begins the moment my back touches the bed!

    Today, I have been lying on my bed, trying to find a position that would cause the least pain when I am on my bed.  The only position that allows me to turn to my right side is the ‘prawn position’!  You know how a prawn looks like when it is all curled up? Yup, that is the position that I can find some comfort if I sleep on my right side.

    The hubs has advised me to use ice or hot compress on my back to get some relieve. I think I will do just that too, on top of what he’s been doing for me.  He’s been applying Perskindol rub on my back followed with a pain-relief plaster that he  normally applies on his injured muscles after his basketball matches.

    Why does backache have to exist, OH WHY?!  I am learning this phrase from Alycia.  Yesterday I heard her mumbling this to herself at the dining table when I gave her purple carrots for dinner :  “WHY DO CARROTS HAVE TO EXIST, OH WHY?”   LOL!!

  • 18Jun

    And my hubs saved me using his battery operated OTO Hans acu-points and nerve stimulator! He has been using this equipment to rid all the aches and pains from his body suffered during his basketball matches. I was quite apprehensive of using it at first.  On the first night, he applied the OTO Hans treatment on the right side of my back. The next day, the pain was almost gone. I was delighted!

    The second night when the pain was unbearable (on the left side and especially on the middle section of my back) and I was in tears, my dear hubs got up at 4am and applied the OTO Hans stimulator on the left side of my back. The next day, the pain was also almost gone on the left side. On the 3rd night, I have 100% confidence and trust in the OTO Hans equipment and kept reminding the hubs to apply this miraculous live-saving thingy on the middle section of my back. True, the pain was almost completely gone the next day. The 4th night, he applied it for me again – on the middle part of my back. Today is the 5th day and the pain is 99% gone!!! I can’t believe how miraculous this OTO Hans thing has worked for me. I even started to run again on the 4th day and today exercise is back as usual.

    Had I known that this OTO Hans thing is so effective, I would have skipped the X-ray that had cost me RM120!

    That’s me lying on the bed with the OTO Hans equipment on my back. For starters, you may scream murder (like me!) initially when you feel the nerves-numbing electric waves running on the pain side. After several seconds, the sharp pain will gradually subside and you will feel very comfortable.

    You can read more about OTO Hans at

    OTO Hans
    Combats pain the natural way.

    OTO HANS is a battery operated home use acu-points and nerve stimulator. It is a scientific innovations, which works on the principle of acupuncture. HANS uses 2 pairs of electrodes of which one pair is applied to the well-known acupoint of pain-relief (hegu) and the other pair is usually placed on the pain sites. Together these 4 electrodes block the pain signal and thus combat pain the natural way. It is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic pains.

    Unique features

    * Simultaneous stimulation of acu-points and pain sites
    * Combining acupuncture and TENS treatment into one
    * D-D (Dense-Disperse) mode accelerates the release of pain relieving substances
    * Alternating (ALT) mode prevents the development of tolerance towards body’s own pain relieving substances
    * Dual channel, 4 treatment spots

  • 15Jun

    I had a terribly painful and uncomfortable time sleeping throughout the night yesterday. I woke up at about 4am with severe pain on my back. I could hardly lie flat on my back and had a painful time trying to move my body. Each time I breathed, I felt terrible pain on my pain and chest. Even my tummy hurt. I was in tears. Hubby had to wake up to apply deep heat cream on my back for me. There was no way I could lie down to sleep. I sat on the bed – left leg on the bed and right leg put up to my chest. My hands were hugging my right leg and a stack of pillows. I felt much comfortable this way. But it was hard to fall asleep in this position, though I could breathe without much pain on my back now. Then, I lunged my body forward and lay my face on the bed to sleep, in a sitting position, as if I was doing yoga.

    Today, I went to the hospital. An X-ray was taken on my back. The X-ray showed no prolapsed disc and nothing wrong with the spine. The doctor suspected it is just muscle spasm. He prescribed me with some muscle relaxant pills and pain killer pills. I have taken the muscle relaxant and the pain has subsided, albeit the pain is still there. I am also suffering from constipation now. I haven’t had a constipation for ages. I suspect the muscles and the spasms or whatever that’s wreaking havoc inside me are causing the constipation. My tummy looks so bloated and I feel really terrible now. I haven’t exercised for 3 days now.

    I don’t know if the terrible back pain was caused by me spraining my back while carrying Baby in a squatting position when I washed her hair about 4 days ago at my parents. Or could this be hormonal? I haven’t had my menses for over 2 years as I am still breastfeeding Baby. Both sides of my tummy – where the ovaries are located are painful. It feels as if my menses is coming. Or could it be my PCOS wreaking havoc again? I wish I knew what’s causing the excruciating pain on my back. And I am praying hard that the pain will subside by tomorrow.

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  • 14Jun

    I returned from my short break in Ipoh and Penang yesterday. And end up with a badly twisted upper back. I must have sprained it while bathing Baby. Baby fussed and refused to have her hair washed while standing or sitting. She wanted me to carry her. The bathroom did not have a stool and I carried her while squatting down, twice in a day – morning and evening. The next day, I could barely move my body. I now have to walk with a very bad slouch and I can hardly walk at a faster pace. No exercising for me. I am moving about like a 80 year old grandma, save for a walking stick.

    My hubs gave me a deep heat rub and used his battery-operated OTO Bodycare HANS thingy (what do you call this equipment where small amount of electricity is transmitted to the the affected part of the body?) on my back last night.  My back felt better but only on the right side as he only worked on the right side.  Now my left and middle back are aching like crazy.  The pain comes from the upper part and goes right up to my chest and kidneys area.  I can barely breathe without feeling pain.  I feel so terrible now. Terrible because of the awful nagging pain that seems to come from the veins.  And terrible because I cannot exercise and I have been eating hell a lot of sinful stuff during the holidays.  Could I be having a minor slipped disc?

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  • 16Sep

    What Causes Backache?
    The basic causes of back pain are the following:

    sedentary living habits,
    weak abdominal or back muscles,
    poor posture,
    muscular tension,
    straining of the joints
    prolonged sitting or standing in one position,
    prolonged stooping,
    improper lifting of weights,
    wearing high heels,
    lack of exercise,
    after effects of Epidural after childbirth. I suffered from bad backache after the birth of my first child, delivered via c-section (given spinal cord anesthetic).

    Remedies : 

    The Chamomile Tea Remedy
    Chamomile tea is used to treat a lot of different ailments so it really is no surprise that it would work for a backache as well. Chamomile tea can help relieve stress, therefore help relieve back pain. Chamomile tea offers a calming relief to sore muscles. It is used best when taking a break from work or after work to relieve stress and sore muscles. Just steep one tablespoon of Chamomile flowers in one cup of hot water for 15 minutes. You can also buy the pre-packaged chamomile tea. Either way, drink one to three cups a day and it should relieve sore muscles in your back. Be careful though, chamomile contains allergy induced pollens from ragweed. If you are allergic to ragweed, ask your doctor before drinking chamomile tea.

    The Epsom Salts Remedy
    Epsom salts are another product often used as a home remedy for many things. Epsom salts ease back pain by reducing swelling. When taking a soak in the tub, add at least two cups of Epsom salts and soak in the tub for 30 minutes. Your back will fill a lot better when you do.

    The Warm, Uncooked Rice Remedy
    Here is a weird remedy for you. I wonder hw many people have ever heard of using warm, uncooked rice as a home remedy for a backache? Take a clean, thick sock and fill it with uncooked rice. Place the rice filled sock in the microwave for up to a minute and apply it to your back. Be careful not to make it too hot.

    The Ginger Root Remedy
    Ginger root has anti-inflammatory compounds which have mild-like aspirin effects. When you have a backache and you have access to Ginger root, cut a fresh ginger root into slices and put in boiling water. Cook the slices of ginger root on low heat for 30 minutes, strain, sweeten with honey or sugar to taste and drink. This should ease your backache in no time.

    Diet for Backache
    Minerals needed to diminish and prevent backache include calcium and magnesium. Magnesium is found in all fresh green vegetables, apples, figs, wheat germ, and all seeds and nuts, especially almonds.

    Lemon juice in water, up to six glasses daily, benefits the kidneys, easing backache.

    General Tips for Backache Treatment
    If you are not experiencing acute backache and suffer from backache only seldom, you should anyway pay attention to your back. Follow these easy, but useful tips to prevent back pain:

    If you have to sit or stand for long periods of time, do not forget to change your position from time to time.

    If you have to lift heavy things, straighten your knees and keep your back straight all the time as you are lifting the load.

    Choose a firm mattress to sleep on. Do not sleep face down.

    Choose a chair with good back support.

    Give up smoking.

    Do regular exercises for back, visit swimming-pool regularly or practice yoga.

    Nutrition for a Healthy Back
    Backache prevention and treatment are also connected with diet. Daily meals of a person taking care of their back should contain plenty of raw vegetables and fruits (except bananas). The backache sufferer should have three to four meals every day, which include, apart from fruits and vegetables, wholewheat products, milk and fruit juice. One suffering from back pain should avoid fatty and fried food, sugar, spicy condiments, strong tea and coffee.

    For those, who do not like eating plenty of raw vegetables, there exist many recipes of salads including both fresh vegetables and natural additives, like sauces, oils or cheeses, which make the salads taste very good.

    Remedies for Back Pain

    Excerpts taken from http://www.geniusbeauty.com/woman-health/backache-treatment-methods-physical-exercises/

    If we are speaking about acute, but not chronic backache, the causes of it are commonly poor postural habits. If this is the case, the pain can be lessened by some exercises.

    Exercise 1
    Sit down on the floor. Bend the knee of your left leg, keep your right leg straight. Put the elbow of your right hand on your left knee from the left. Draw your left hand aside as far as you can. Push off with your right elbow from your left knee, but DO NOT push too much. During this you can feel a little crackle in your spine – this is normal. Make 5-10 pushing repetitions. Do the same to the other side with your right knee bent and your left leg straight 5-10 times. Repeat the cycle from both sides by-turn.

    Exercise for Back

    Exercise 2
    Sit on the floor with straight legs all the time, while you are doing this exercise. Try to touch your toes with your fingers. Make 10 repetitions.

    Exercise 2

    Exercise 3
    Stand in front of the wall with your back turned on it. The distance between you and the wall should be about 50-70 cm depending on your height. Arch your abdomen and put your palms on the wall head-high with your fingers down, so that your elbows are the highest part of you. Walk down with your palms on the wall little by little to the floor. The final position is when your palms are on the floor. Walk back upwards on the wall to the initial position. Do this exercise slowly.

    Exercise for a Healthy Back

    Exercise 4
    For those, who cannot do the previous exercise here is another one, which is easier. Lie on your back. Bend your knees. Lean on your palms and feet, arch your chest upwards. Hold for 20 seconds and release. Make 5 repetitions.

    Exercise for a Healthy Back

    Exercise 5
    Lie on your back, bend your knees. Press your back against the floor. Do this by only contracting the muscles of your abdominal. Stay in this position for 3 seconds and release. Make 10 repetitions.

    Exercise 6
    Lie on your back, bend your knees. Raise your shoulders and head so far as you can. Stay in this position for 3 seconds and release. Make 10 repetitions.

    If you have to stand for long periods of time and you cannot do exercises, just raise one foot on a platform.

    The other exercise which I find really effective in keeping my backache at bay is exercising on my Fitball . This exercise is similar to Exercise 5 above and it focuses on exercising your back by arching your back.


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