• 20Jun

    After breastfeeding Baby C for over 14 months, I had my first Mastitis yesterday, on my left boop.  I felt pain on my boop early in the morning yesterday during my jogging session, especially when I lifted my left hand.  The pain gradually intensified and by afternoon, it was unbearable.  It felt tender and extremely painful when touched.  I could not even carry Baby C with my left hand.   I could feel a hard lump, as big or even bigger than a rambutan seed, inside my boop.   No wonder my milk supply on the left side had dwindled for the past few days, but the real pain only surfaced yesterday.  My left boop has always been the more active one, producing much more milk than the right one… for all my 3 kids. 

    The last time I had an extremely painful Mastitis was 5 years ago, when I was nursing Alycia. I can’t really remember how the duct was unblocked but it was unblocked after 1 long torturous night and day. It was so painful that I was in tears… I hardly cry when in pain! I tried the frozen cabbage method, hot compress and even cold compress.  Somehow, it was unblocked again.

    Anyway, last night I used an ice-cube, wrapped it in a hanky and put it on my left boop for about 15 minutes. It felt better when the ice-cube (without the hanky on) touches my boop directly. I also let Baby C suckle longer on the left boop. By 4 or 5am today, the lump in my boop could no longer be felt and the pain had also subsided, thank God!

    If you are suffering from Mastitis, you can click here to read more about it and to find treatment for it.

  • 12Apr

    Me, it’s me being bitten real hard by the cold bug again, the dunno how many umpteenth times in 2 months.  Never have I been this weak and susceptible to coughs and colds in my life.  This time it’s pretty bad again.  The phlegm is dark green, thick and sometimes hard too!  Ewwww…. and it smells foul too.  I think the infection this time is pretty bad coz my head is throbbing and the pain goes all the way down to my teeth and jaw… and all these pains are on the right side, as if I’m semi-paralyzed! I’ve been popping on Panadols but that do not seem to make me feel better.  I better see the doctor to get some antibiotics coz I feel really weak and I hope Baby C doesn’t get bitten by the bugs too. 

    I think my weak immune system could be contributed by the fact that I’m still breastfeeding and my sweetie-pie is sucking me dry and sucking all the nutrients away from my body, like a leech… for the past 1 year!  This is making me contemplate weaning her off my boops and start her on formula.  I just can’t go on falling sick so often.  What say all you experienced breastfeeding mums out there?

  • 07Apr

    Baby C will be turning one in just a few days and I’m glad that I am still breastfeeding her. Though I’ve received unkind and uncalled for remarks from some people saying that breastmilk is of no value after 1 year, I am resolute to keep breastfeeding my sweetiepie until she’s 18 months, that is if she still wants my milkie.

    To keep my supply from flowing, I still swear by organic milkmaid tea and mother’s milk tea. Milkmaid tea and mother’s milk tea are made up mainly of fenugreek, a herb commonly used to increase milk supply. According to Kellymom.com, Fenugreek can be used short-term to boost your supply or long-term to augment supply and/or pumping yields.

    This tea ain’t cheap, costs about RM2.60 per bag.  But oh well, it’s still way cheaper than buying formula milk powder right?


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