• 13Dec

    Remember my previous post pertaining to the black dot on Baby’s eye white?  I managed to capture a closer picture of another greyish patch on Baby’s right eye white.  Here it is:

    Please double click on the image for a larger view.

    The picture is a tad blur as I don’t have a high-end camera or a DSLR to capture clearer close-up pictures.

    I have a small greyish patch on my right eye too. I guess Baby has inherited my DNA.

    Does anyone have such a patch on their eye white too?

  • 11Nov

    Baby C has several tiny black dots on her eye white on both her eyes. I have asked our pediatricians about it and they had all told me that the black dots are like moles and pigmentation and are usually nothing harmful. I have one greyish spot on the white of my right eye too. My maid has one huge greyish spot on the white of her eye too. I have several friends who have these dots / spots on their eyes too. BUT being a hypochondriac and chronic worrier, I am still worried. What if those dots turn out to be something more serious?

    Can you see the tiny dot on the white of Baby’s right eye?  You can click on the picture to have a larger view.

    I did a google search to look for information but there isn’t much information on this condition. I am really contemplating paying a visit to the eye specialist just to get a peace of mind.


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