• 23Feb

    Alycia and Sherilyn are very prone to throat infection, no thanks to their daddy and mummy’s genes as both hubs and I have tonsils and are very prone to throat infection too. For me, it is under control now as I watch what I eat all the time (and have very strong will power too!) and I eat pretty healthily and exercise to keep myself healthy and fit.  For Alycia and Sherilyn, I try to control what they eat too, i.e. by keeping deep fried food, spicy food and junk food to the minimum and make them drink plenty of plain water as well as ensure that they eat fresh fruits and veggie everyday. But what they eat in school and beyond my radar is out of my control.  Sometimes, there are people who give them ‘forbidden food’ out of love, which is also beyond my control.

    Alycia has been down with a chesty cough and runny nose for the past 3 days.  Thanks to the nightly sea salt water gargling, she did not get any sore throat though.  She just has lots of phlegm and a runny nose.  Also thanks to my most trusted Esberitox and Manuka honey, she is now recovering, without having to visit the doctor’s office.   Getting rid of phlegm in kids is pretty tough as they do not know the technique of forcing out and spitting out the phlegm.  Thus, whenever my girls have phlegm, most of the time the phlegm will be expelled naturally through vomiting.   Last night, about an hour after dinner, Alycia threw up.  All that she ate came pouring out, together with a bucketful of slimy phlegm!  It’s a good thing that she threw up because after puking, her throat cleared up and today there is lesser phlegm obstructing her throat.  The only side effect she is getting after puking is that she has turned into a freckled face girl!  I shall post pix of her freckled face next and tell you why this has happened.

  • 05Nov

    For the first time in her life, my 3.5YO toddler almost lost her voice last week. Her voice was really hoarse and throaty. When I asked her if her throat hurt, she said a little bit. And that was the first time in her life that she has had a sore throat. I think she got bitten by the URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) virus that had bitten everyone at home. But the situation was under control. The hubs over reacted as usual and wanted to have Baby brought to the paed’s office but I said no. I trusted my natural remedies as I have always been using these to treat myself. Thank God she got her voice back after about 3 days.

    How I treated my girls whenever they have a bad throat:

    1) Feed them with Manuka honey UMF 10+. I ran out of Manuka honey UMF10+ last week, so I gave her Manuka honey with UMF 5+.
    2) Made them gargle with sea salt water at least twice a day, especially at night, before going to bed.
    3) Feed them with fresh fruit juices + cucumber juice. Cucumber juice is cooling to the body and is traditionally used to treat a number of ailments and disorders including sore throat.
    4) Feed them with fresh coconut water
    5) Keep deep fried food and heaty food at bay.
    6) Feed them with my most trusted and reliable Esberitox 3x a day.

    From my own experience, I find that the above practice is only effective at the onset of a throat infection. If the throat infection is pretty bad with greenish phlegm and a fever, I think medical intervention would be needed for a quicker recovery.

    The above is not intended to be a medical advice. This is written based on my own experience.

  • 01Aug

    I used to have sore throat every other month when I first came to KL many years ago. I hated having to pop antibiotics so often. One of the after-effects of taking oral antibiotics is that I was very vulnerable to getting vaginal yeast infection. I hated what I had to go through every other month – throat infection, visit to the company’s GP to get a course of antibiotics which made my body weak and vulnerable to other disorders and treating the other disorder. Then one day, I went to this GP who advised me to gargle my throat with salt water every night, regardless of whether I had throat infection or not. It worked. I hardly got throat infection again. Even if I did, the frequent salt water gargling helped to heal the throat infection. I followed this doctor’s advice for many, many years and stopped this practice when I was very confident that I would not get a sore throat anymore. I have not gone to the doctor’s office for many years now. I now know how to prevent and treat a sore throat naturally, both for myself and for my girls. My girls have not stepped foot into the doctor’s office to treat a throat infection for a long time too.

    I now ensure that my girls gargle their throat with sea salt water every night before going to bed. However, sometimes I will forget to fix them the cup of sea salt water. But if the girls have had a meal of ‘heaty’ deep fried food, I will ensure that they gargle their throat with salt water before they hit the sack. On several occasions, I noticed that Alycia and Sherilyn were loosing their voice as a result of eating spicy food. But after gargling their throat with salt water, they got their voice back and were spared from getting a throat infection. I also give them Esberitox whenever I notice that a flu that is about to attack them. So far, my pre-emptive measures of arresting a cold and throat infection with these 2 methods have been very effective. Along with getting enough sleep, plain water, fruits, veggie and a healthy diet, I am sure anyone can avoid stepping into the doctor’s office.

    My daughters’ daily dose of sore-throat preventive weapon – gargling sea salt water before going to bed! Even Baby who is 3 years old knows how to gargle her throat with salt water.  When I forget, she will remind me for the salt water!

    If your kids are very susceptible to sore throat, do try this very inexpensive, safe and easy method. And please let me know if it works on your kid. I’d love to know!

  • 11May

    When I wrote in Facebook that I was having a bad sore throat, Michelle was quick to tell me that she chewed on basil leaves to treat her sore throat. Coincidentally my mil bought a few pots of basil leaves from the supermarket (to make Pesto sauce) and I pinched a handful of those leaves from the pots to chew on.

    I was apprehensive initially. I thought how yucky can it be to be chewing on raw basil leaves! But my throat hurt too much and I was feeling really horrible.  So I held my breath and chewed on those leaves like a cow muahahahahah! To my surprise, it ain’t that bad after all. In fact, I love the taste and feeling I get after chewing on the basil leaves. After 2 days of chewing on those leaves, along with gargling my throat with salt water and sucking Difflam, the pain is now gone. The greenish thick phlegm with streaks of blood are also gone. And I didn’t succumb to taking oral antibiotics!

    Basil leaves have been used for ages to treat throat infections like throat soreness, throat pain, throat hoarseness, etc. You can google on this to read more.

    The next time you have sore throat, head over to the supermarket instead of to the doctor’s. Get yourself a few packets of basil leaves and be a cow for a few days. It’s worth it!

  • 08May

    My throat ain’t feeling too good early this week. It was really sore and itchy and I had no appetite to eat anything that’s hard, fried or spicy. So here’s what I ate for breakfast:

    Chilled red bean-mung bean-snow fungus tong sui, a cup of strawberry Anlene high calcium yoghurt..

    and chilled beancurd (tau foo far).  I also increased my intake of fruits and vegetables.

    Having cold liquid wash down my throat felt really comfortable and provided some relief from the terrible pain. My friends advised me to visit the doctor to get some antibiotics but I don’t believe in eating antibiotics. I prefer to heal myself naturally and with anything but antibiotics. I also popped E.Excel’s ACT which is supposedly good for strengthening the immune system (consists of alfalfa powder, ganoderma and tangerine peel),  echninacea tabs and gargled my throat with salt water throughout the day. I also chewed on fresh basil leaves. The sore throat is now gone but I need to work on getting rid of the phlegm that’s causing my throat to feel itchy and cough.


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