• 30Jul

    I bought this pack of Super organic instant soy milk powder from Sri Kota the other day.   These day, Baby drinks more soy milk than cow’s milk.  She also prefers soy milk to cow’s milk.  I wonder which has more nutrients  and ‘safer’ to drink. Looking at the food label, it looks like formulated milk powder for kids have more nutrients.   I read from some articles that cow’s milk may have some residue of hormones from the cows.

    Anyway, I was told by our paed and surgeon that it is ok for a child above 2 years old to stop drinking milk as long as she/he is eating a well-balanced diet. Baby is eating a well-balanced diet now and seems to love food too 🙂

    Baby prefers Unisoy’s instant organic soy milk powder to Super’s. This Super brand has added cane sugar and though it’s less sweet, I still find it very sweet. Next time, I will just stick to Unisoy (made in Singapore).

  • 23Jul

    Yesterday, Baby woke up with a tad swell on her left upper eye lid AGAIN! This left eye was swollen about a month ago. I had diligently applied hot water compress on that eye for about 3 weeks and the swelling was gone. A week ago, I decided to stop the hot water compress just to see if the swell will re-appear. True enough, the swell re-appeared!! I guess I just have to be extra diligent in applying the hot water compress on Baby’s eyes twice a day during her bath time for the next few months or perhaps years!! This Baby of mine seems to have too many health issues, SIGH…….

  • 23Jul

    Many of my friends and customers thought initially that my online store only carries clothing for skinny ladies until I informed them that larger size as well as big and tall clothing are also available. These larger size clothing sell pretty well and I intend to get more plus size clothing for my online store soon. Before you purchase an item from my online store, be sure to check the measurements provided in my website against your own vital statistics to prevent buying ill-fitting clothes.

  • 23Jul

    My erstwhile boss was a chain cigar smoker. Each time he smoked his Black and Mild cigars, everyone in the office would know that he had stepped into the office and would be in their best behaviour! The air purifier didn’t help much either. When I was pregnant with Alycia and then Sherilyn, I tried to avoid going into his room. Now he’s gone. He was a very talented and smart fellow, too bad he succumbed to the big C.

  • 19Jul

    This slice of bread looks like any other bread but it’s a very expensive loaf of  bread. What’s added into the bread is goose liver pate, an expensive delicacy. This bread was flown in from HK and was baked by my sil in HK. She’s a fantastic baker.

    I love my slice of bread spread with cheese spread and my mum’s homemade sugar-reduced strawberry jam, yums! This breakfast is way healthier than tucking into a plate of nasi lemak or roti canai, right?

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  • 16Jul

    It was a sheer coincidence that we had everything purple for the entire day. First we had reddish/purplish dragon fruits for breakfast. Then, we had purple sweet potato as dessert after lunch. For dinner, we had stir-fried organic purple cabbage. And my girls watched Barney the purple dinosaur too!

    Before cooking…

    After cooking. The purple cabbage was cooked with dried shrimps and garlic.

    The Many Benefits Of Eating Purple Food:

    Purple foods prevent premature aging
    Purple foods are colored by a pigment called anthocyanin, a strong and protective antioxidant which can help reduce the risk of cancer, help improve memory and assist with healthy aging.

    Purple foods protect your heart
    Purple fruits and vegetables are also packed with flavonoids – known to be one of the most powerful phytochemicals. Flavonoids are heart-healthy, beneficial to the cardiovascular system and can lower your risk of heart disease.

    Eat more of these purple foods
    Purple vegetables: Some purple vegetables include eggplant, purple cabbage, purple peppers, purple potatoes and purple onions.

    Purple fruits: Purple fruits include grapes, plums, figs, raisins, prunes and blackberries.

    Purple plants: Even purple-colored herbs – like lavender and purple basil – provide powerful nutritional benefits. In addition to the lovely fragrance lavender adds to hair and skin care products, eye pillows and drawer satchels, the renowned herb is associated with increasing blood circulation and reducing insomnia, anxiety, migraines and depression as well as treating skin ailments such as psoriasis, acne, wrinkles, cuts and burns. Lavender essential oil also has both antifungal and antiseptic properties.

    Another popular dark-colored herb is purple basil, which has high doses of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium. Purple basil is beneficial for the hair, skin and eyes.

    With so many readily-edible choices to improve your well-being, it is easy to put purple on your daily dinner plate.

    The health benefits part of this post was extracted from http://www.sheknows.com/articles/805508/the-nutritional-power-of-purple-foods.

  • 16Jul

    Lately, my hair is shedding by the heaps! I wonder if it’s caused by hormonal change, lack of sleep or simply because I am aging! Each time I shower and brush my hair, I see gobs of hair on my palm!! I must nip the bud of the problem by getting a hair growth shampoo or some good hair growth tonic, lest I become bald before I hit 40!

  • 13Jul

    Before Baby C, my 3rd daughter was born, I told myself that I would never ever want any of my kids to land themselves a job as a nurse. However, my point of view all changed ever since Baby C was diagnosed with Kidney Reflux when she was an infant. She was in and out of the hospital for the first 14 months of her life and the hospitals were like our second home. During my 3-week stay with her at the hospital after her 2 surgeries last year, my perspective of a nursing career changed 360 degrees.

    During our stay in the hospital after Baby C’s Ureteral Reimplantation surgery, followed by another abdomen surgery due to complication from the first surgery, the nurses at the hospital made us feel at home. They were helpful, compassionate and friendly. When we finally had to leave the hospital, I felt very heavy hearted when it was time to say good-bye to the nurses who were with us for 3 weeks. If ever my daughters want to attend a Certified Nursing Assistant training or CNA training in future, I will give them my full blessings.

  • 08Jul

    Baby seems to tolerate soy bean milk better than cow’s milk.  These days, I have stopped feeding her with Pediasure.  First, Pediasure is for picky eaters / kids who do not eat well / underweight kids.  Now, Baby eats everything  and is gaining weight.  Second, Pediasure is getting more and more expensive.   I have since switched her to soy bean milk and Dutch Lady 123.  She drinks more soy bean milk than cow’s milk though. I find that she has a tendency to throw up or have the urge to throw up if she drinks cow’s milk.  I always dilute the milk so that it is not so thick, not so sweet and more palatable.

    Of all the brands of instant soy milk powder, I find that the sugar-free and organic ones from Unisoy (made in Singapore) the most palatable.  The powder is also easy to dissolve  as the soy beans are de-skinned. Baby likes this brand too and has no problem drinking this.  Unisoy is available at Jusco and certain mini marts.

  • 08Jul

    Many people are amazed that despite having a hubby who is a food caterer (which naturally suggests that I am surrounded by lots of good food all the time), I can still stay slim. I love food very much too and I often succumb to the temptations surrounding me. But with a daily exercise regimen (which requires lots of discipline), I don’t need apidexin to stay trim. I really think that anyone can eat anything that they want IF they exercise and control the food portions.


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