• 28Nov

    Poor Baby C puked again last night when I fed her the antibiotics. I managed to force it all down her throat with some yoghurt and freshly squeezed grape juice. As a treat, I gave her some squashed black grape bits to chew on. Seconds later, she puked! I was absolutely frustrated coz my maid and I had spent more than half an hour to feed her the meds and we had to spend another half an hour feeding her the antibiotics all over again. I almost wanted to cry.

    This morning I called up the pediatric nephrologist and asked her for another antibiotics that tastes sweeter. Hubby collected it in the morning. Just now, I went to the mini market and stocked up some Heinz pear juice, Heinz yoghurt and strawberry dessert, some rusks, some Calci-Yum and a tub of Haegan Daz ice-cream. Just in case Baby C pukes again tonight I have all sorts of treats to go with her meds. Our doctor also suggested giving her some jams to go with the meds. Keeping my fingers crossed that Baby C would not reject the new antibiotics tonight.

    Baby C woke up from her nap the other day with one side of her cheek looking like a wafer! She had slept on her tummy on her blanket with lines.  

    Notice the rash on her cheeks?  That’s caused by the cereal and milk.  I think she has an allergy to cow’s milk.  I have just bought her a tin of Isomil.  Hopefully the rash will subside with her Enfalac A+ being replaced by Isomil.  I mix her cereal with a teaspoon of infant formula twice a day.  Other than that, she’s still fully on breastmilk.  I really hope her weight will go up.  I know it’s hard coz her appetite is really poor after the recent hospitalization stay.  With the daily puking during meds feeding time, it’s a tad difficult for her weight to go up.  Sigh…. why does she have so many problems?


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