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Feeding Baby C Antibiotics

The recent antibiotics that the doctor prescribed to Baby C has been the worst by far. It didn’t smell that horrid but it was bitter and left a bad sensation in the mouth. I tasted a little and even I felt like puking. No wonder poor Baby C kept puking each time she was forced fed with the antibiotics. Poor baby, I really hope she doesn’t have to eat antibiotics anymore, ever. Even her appetite has decreased, must be the side effects of the darn antibiotics.

Baby C used to love grape juice and grapes bits. I used to cut up the grapes into small bits and then squash them to get the juice.

Black grapes and plum juice.

Recently, I used grape and plum juice as treats for her to go with her antibiotics.  I would put drop by drop of the antibiotics on a teaspoon of grape and plum juice but Baby C would still puke later.  The aftertaste  was so bad that it wrecked havoc inside her mouth and little tummy. 

For the past 1 week, she puked everyday, sometimes twice a day, whenever she was fed the horrid tasting antibiotics. I really dare not check her weight now.  Her weight had recently gone down by 200gms and with all these puking, it must have dropped further.

Before the hospitalization, Baby C loved her cereals. Eversince she was on the horrid tasting antibiotics, she hated her cereals. In fact, she hates everything that is being fed to her using a spoon. My poor baby has now developed a phobia of anything fed to her using a spoon.

Yesterday, our pediatric nephrologist changed her antibiotics. Thankfully she did not puke but she still struggled and cried when it was force fed to her. Sigh…. poor baby, poor baby. Praying hard that all these will end soon.


3 thoughts on “Feeding Baby C Antibiotics”

  • oh no..poor poor Cassandra….

    so ‘sum-tong’ to hear her reject her solids becoz of all that’s been happening.

    pls take care, shireen… u r really superwoman to go through all this.

  • Hmm….perhaps you need to change your mode of feeding the meds from the spoon so that she doesn’t associate the spoon with meds. Have you tried using a medicine dropper? Think it’s available from Safe & Sound.

  • Phaik Ling….I have a meds dropper too but the prob with this dropper is that I can’t wash it. If I use a syringe, I can remove it to have it washed with a straw brush. The powder of the antibiotics will stick to the inner glass of the dropper and there’s no way I can wash it.

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