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Garment With Built-In Physiotherapy!

My youngest daughter could not recognize her daddy when we showed her a picture I took with him 20 years ago. I guess that’s because in the picture, his huge belly was missing and his face shape was very much sharper.  When I was dating hubby, he was slim, trim and very fit. He was very active in sports and well, he still is, especially in basketball BUT his weight has shot sky high over the years. Now, he has what the Chinese call a ‘prosperous look’, which is the more polite way of calling someone fat. Being in the food business has opened the door for him to eat, eat and eat. Though he has told me umpteen times that he wanted to go on a diet and shed some weight, his weight-loss plan has always never been accomplished. He would go to the gym or go swimming diligently for a week or two and then his mission will be truncated when work / business gets in his way.

If only he could be as disciplined and persistent as I am when it comes to exercising and on the choice of food, I am very sure he can get rid of the excess baggage around his waist. Recently, I found out that my man can look trimmer if he wears a Core Precision Undershirt and underwear by Equmen. This specially designed undershirt, underwear and Precision Long Trunks  support and enhance a man’s posture and physical appearance, thus giving the man a more ‘tailored’ appearance. The special garment will help men stand up straighter, look slimmer and feel better. This undershirt is also great for back pain sufferers. It is an all-in-one special garment with built-in physiotherapy! The underwear also has compression technology, supporting the wearer’s muscles and making him look and feel better. Equmen can be worn under a business suit, casual wear and sports wear. An Equmen undershirt will definitely be a very handy birthday present for my man!

This is a model wearing an Equmen undershirt.  IF only my man can achieve this figure!!


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  • I get it..it’s “Spanx” for men!! Unfortunate thing is once the garment is off, for both men and women, the flab returns!!

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